Naaleh offers a variety of programs and is always looking to expand our programming efforts.


Support Groups

Naaleh has successfully created several support groups that are professionally facilitated. Learn More

Brainstorming Sessions with Community Health Professionals

Naaleh holds periodic meetings at which local mental health professionals offer ideas, feedback and guidance about areas of need that Naaleh can help address. This helps Naaleh create their programming strategy.

Premarital Counseling Initiative

An outgrowth of our first brainstorming session, Naaleh has engaged the local Cleveland Rabbonim to issue a statement strongly endorsing premarital workshops/counseling for couples prior to marriage. Naaleh is working to publicize this initiative and will help couples find suitable providers.

School Educational Initiative

Naaleh is partnering with local day schools to create innovative curricula that can help incorporate psychoeducation and communication skills into the school based setting.


Our mentors help struggling boys and girls find themselves during this pivotal and formative time of life. Building self confidence and gaining the trust of teens that are in school or not in school right now, Naaleh's mentors guide teens and offer one on one attention, showing care while painting, baking or learning a new skill together.

The Living Room

Naaleh’s new center, "The Living Room", provides teens with a safe, fun and nurturing environment, under the supervision of Naaleh staff and guidance of our social worker. The Living Room is a great place for teens to come play, talk, eat and “chill” in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere. Oftentimes, due to the warmth and acceptance they feel at the Living Room, participants will let down their guard and confide in Naaleh staff, leading them to getting the additional help they need. In short: the Living Room is a place where teens can be themselves and express themselves.

The Teen Mentorship Program has been made possible in part through a generous grant from the ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County.

Need help finding a referral? Are you looking for a support group? Don't know where to turn? Mental health issues are incredibly treatable.

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